Africa Regional Labour Administration Centre


The African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC) was jointly formed by ILO and UNDP to identify and address fundamental issues that relate to social protection and the promotion of economic and social development in member countries. It thus wants to provide the member states with the opportunity to explore key issues in labour administration and labour policy development. These issues are addressed through four key objectives: training, research, consultancy and advisory services.

Currently ARLAC has 22-member states which have ratified its agreement. It thus provides these member countries with support and trainings for harmonizing the social, labour and economic factors in their respective development plans. In doing so ARLAC wants to design applicable programmes and activities within the context of a changing globalized workplace.

Generally, ARLAC offers short courses and workshops but is currently also working on finalizing the introduction of an advanced diploma/degree programme in Employment and Labour Studies. The programme is designed to meet the needs of member countries for capacity building and is intended for employees of government ministries, departments of labour/employment, and those in workers’ and employers’ organisations specifically dealing with labour issues. ARLAC has two sister organisations for French speaking African countries ACLAE for Arabic speaking African countries

The Ministry of Labour and Social Services has been a member of ARLAC since X and cooperates with them to…