Work Permit Bureau

Work Permit Bureau

The Work Permit unit is charged with the responsibility to process all work permit applications submitted to the Ministry of Labour for approval. Work Permit is an authorization issued to a non-citizen to work or do business for specific period in Sierra Leone.

The Work Permit is governed by an Act of Parliament entitled “General Laws” (Business Start-up Amendment) Act of 2007.


Key Functions of the Work Permit Unit

– Regulation of employment of Foreign-Nationals engaged in gainful/economic activities in Sierra Leone

– Issue and renew Work Permits to qualified foreign nationals

– Conduct work permit inspections to ensure compliance with the ‘’ General Law ( Business start-up) (Amendment ) Act of 2007

– Coordinate Work Permit Committee meetings to assess Work permit applications.

– Submit all processed applications to the Commissioner of Labour for final approval

– Register and maintain an up to date data of all eligible foreign nationals obtaining Work Permits.

– Coordinate with the Immigration Department in the area of data collection, collaboration and update.

– Collaborate with the Security Sector(s) for the purpose of ensuing National Security.