Social Safety Net

Social Safety Net

The Social Safety Net department was established mainly to implement the Social Safety Net (Social Assistance) Programme (SSN).


The Social Safety Net Programme (SSN) was set up through a Cabinet Conclusion C.P.9 (2004) 27 of 7th April 2004, to ensure that the elderly poor (aged 60 and above with no regular source of income or support) and the most vulnerable population of the society have access to minimum income and other basic services such as food, health, clothing and housing. At the moment it is100% funded by the government of Sierra Leone.


Over the years the Scheme have accomplished the following:

– Nationwide Sensitization and established chiefdom/ward SSN Committees at ward/chiefdom/districts levels,

– Generated a comprehensive database of vulnerable aged in the country,

– Piloted a Cash transfer to the vulnerable aged in 2007 and 2008 in the entire Northern region and parts of the South and Eastern regions.

– Updated the database and scale up the implementation of the cash transfer to the aged,

– Provision of food items (local rice) to old people, produced from SSN community farms for the aged,

– Collaborated with other stakeholders to develop the National Social Protection Policy,

– We are currently developing the National Policy on Ageing,

– Plans are underway for mobile clinic for the Aged and to replicate community farming for the Aged in other parts of the country.