Standards & Statistics

Standards & Statistics

The International Labour Standards, Child Labour and Statistics Unit of the Ministry of Labour performs the following functions:

– Collect and compile administrative labour statistical  data on employment, industrial relations, factory registration, work permit, accident statistics, child labour etc

– Planning and implementation of employment and establishment surveys in close collaboration with Statistics Sierra Leone

– Responsible for reporting/ratifications on International Labour Standards Conventions and Recommendations

– Coordinating all issues relating to child labour with Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs), Social Partners (i.e. Employers Organizations and Trade Unions) and Civil society Organisations

– Coordinate  child labour National technical Committee meetings

– Liaise with the International Labour Organisation and other Partners  in the   implementation of child protection programmes

Taking lead in national efforts to enhance the local capacity to address child labour, to ensure the integration of child labour into national policies and programmes, formulate action plans on the development and wellbeing of children and monitoring of workplaces.