Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Unit in the Ministry of Labour is charged with the following functions:

– Audit of all programs and functions of the Ministry to help improve efficiency in governance and management

– Audit and evaluates the control reveals, expenditures assets and liabilities designed to optimize the economic and efficient use of resources and effectiveness of operations

– Assessments of whether current controls are adequate to manage identified risks and provide assurance on the adequacy and effective of risk management processes

– Compliance audits which examine adherence to any policy, contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements

– Investigative assignments to assess any allegation of wrong doings or breaches of government Standards of conduct

– Advisory services, participating in significant initiatives and priorities, providing solutions to financial and control issues.

– Review the responses of management to audit recommendations

– Special audit project, review or investigations at the request of the Internal Audit Committee or the Minister of Labour.