The Account Office of the Ministry of Labour is responsible for the following functions:

– Preparation of draft annual budget estimates

– Advice the Vote Controller in the use of Ministry’s funds

– Manages the running of the Ministry’s standing Imprest account held at the Bank of Sierra Leone

– Approve all payment in the IFMIS system and print the approval listing

– Reconcile expense analysis and monthly payroll details for employee and sign all salary amendment forms.

– Ensure all supporting documents are available for every transaction and responsible for writing and follow-up of Pet Forms I & II for signature.

– Writing of commitment control forms and payment vouchers for all other charges payments and forward to the Accountant General Department for further processing.

– Reconcile monthly payroll analysis with staff list of the ministry’s employees and prepare amendment for arrears of salary.

– Collect Bank Statement and prepare monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement.

– Prepare Local Purchase Orders for all contract payments and forward to the Accountant General’s Department for imputing into the IFMIS System.

– Keep record of vehicle Life Cards and up-to-date Insurance submitted by every staff entitled to fuel.