Capacity Development of Partners

EPP III is collaborating with MLSS in order to support the Ministry in its efforts to coordinate and implement the National Employment Policy Action Plan (NEPAP 2014-2018) across sectors and also putting quality technical content of the NEPAP in place. Due to the cross cutting nature of the Policy, EPPIII is also cooperating with other Ministries like Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS), Ministry of Youth Affairs (MoYA) and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), and parastatal institutions like National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) and SLeCAD to enhance their capabilities to effectively effectuate their mandate.


Overall, this Component supports the development and implementation of a macroeconomic policy framework meant to link employment with economic growth. This will provide the enabling macroeconomic and sectorial policy environment for more employment, better management of unemployment and decent, regulated and productive work for all youths, including women and people with needs. EPP III therefore also aligns with and contributes to the Government of Sierra Leone’s Agenda for Prosperity (2013 – 2018).

Expected Outcomes

1. The establishment of an operational Inter-ministerial Steering Committee for the NEPAP

2. Strengthening of the capacity of MLSS, MoYA, NAYCOM and support decentralized district youth structures

3. Support the recreation of labour exchanges offices / centres and contribution to the establishment of a Labour Market Information System (LMIS)

4. Building technology development support networks

5. Enhancing information exchange and advocacy of industrial sectors through the establishment of new public-private forums and the continuation of existing ones.