MLSS currently operates under two frameworks: the administrative division, headed by the Permanent Secretary, and the professional or technical division headed by the Commissioner of Labour. To enhance efficiency, the professional division has further established three departments to address employment and industrial relation issues.

These are

  • Directorate of Policy, Planning and Research
  • Directorate of Labour and Employment
  • Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health


Ministry established: 1939

Sierra Leone Labour Force: 2.972 Million (2017 est.)

Total Projects: 4


  • Sierra Leone Decent Work Country Programme (SL-DWCP)
  • Empoyment Promotion Programme (EPP)
  • Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa (FMM West Africa) Project
  • Tracking Child Labour through Education Project

This division ensures the formulation and execution of all policy matters and management of resources (Human Resources and Finance) of the Ministry. The Permanent Secretary is the Administrative head of this division in the Ministry of Labour.

The tasks of the administrative division also include:

  • Review internal financial records to ensure that the Ministry complies with public sector financial management policies and procedures
  • Responsible for the management of all Information Technology systems in the Ministry including hardware and software
  • Responsible for keeping all financial records and in collaboration with other departments prepare budgets and make regular financial returns to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Receive and maintain all records and reports of the Ministry
  • Deals with all matters relating to staff, including appointments, training, allocation, redundancy and annual leave
  • Collaborates with the National Public Procurement Agency to acquire equipment and other relevant resources for the Ministry

This division is responsible for administering labour and employment policies, conduct Occupational Safety and Health inspections, wages and labour inspections, maintaining cordial industrial relations; coordinate employment promotion programmes; conduct labour and establishment surveys. The Commissioner of Labour is the professional head of this division and Chief adviser to government on all matters relating to labour, trade unions and occupational safety and health.

The tasks of the professional division also include:

  • Enforce labour laws and promote sound labour practices
  • Supervises the registration of Trade Unions,
  • Responsible for attestation of all contracts of employment/service
  • Registration of collective bargaining agreement
  • Coordinate oversees employment
  • Advise employers and workers on labour related matters
  • Keep data on all alien workers in Sierra Leone.
  • Receiving and processing work permit applications
  • Issue work permits and organize work permit inspections
  • Registration of Job seekers
  • Approves safety codes
  • Coordinate occupational safety and health issues
  • Supervise and coordinates the commission of factory machines
  • Assists in inspection activities to enhance compliance in the mining industry.
  • Inspects work place building elevators
  • Investigation of accidents and individual diseases in the workplace
  • Inspection and control of all petroleum industry
  • Integrated inspection of all fishing vessels

The Mandate of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) is to develop and administer Labour and Social Security regulations and policies, maintain cordial Industrial Relations among operatives in the labour market, ensure Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in work places and provide Social Security.

To enhance its work,  the Ministry of Labour and Social Security develops and implements policies and  programmes relating to employment creation, promotion of Occupational Safety and Health at work places, provision of social security and fostering harmonious Industrial Relations by carrying out activities under the following broad headings;

  •  Employment Promotion
  •  Labour Inspection
  •  Employment and Labour market policies
  •  Labour Market Information
  •  Workers Compensation
  •  Support the operations of the Industrial Court
  •  Elimination of Child Labour
  •  Occupational Safety and Health Inspection
  •  Human Resource development for middle level manpower
  •  Strengthening Capacity for Labour Administration
  •  Social Protection and Safety Net for the vulnerable
  •  Labour Migration Management



Our vision is to stimulate remunerative and productive employment, and promote dignity of employees and employers through decent work


To develop and implement policies and programmes on employment creation, workplace harmony, safety and health at work and an all-inclusive social security system

Goals & Objectives

Effectively contribute to the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone by developing and implementing policies, legislations aimed at:

  • Promoting social security and social protection
  • Preventing accidents and diseases at work places
  • Promoting sound labour and employment relations
  • Enhancing vocational guidance and counseling of job seekers
  • Promoting the dignity of employers and employees
  • Enhancing the collection and maintenance of vital labour statistics on the formal and informal sectors of the economy for human resource development, employment promotion, policy formulation and development

Core Values

The following values are key drivers to the Ministry’s activities and service delivery process to the general public:

  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Promoting best labour practices
  • Professionalism, impartiality and gender equality